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Start planning your future today!

Thinking about what to do when you leave school is big decision to make, you want to make the right choices.

This on line programme will help you find out what skills you will need and how to choose your next step after school life.

What is Real World?

Real World is an online learning programme designed to help young people in Year 11 upwards, as well as any young person who has left school or college and is not in education or training. It is also a useful tool for anyone who may be unemployed and looking for work, who perhaps needs help and support with making life choices. It is especially good for helping to understand what options are available after leaving school, and how to prepare for life in the Real World!

The programme covers a wide variety of subjects assembled to ensure young people are prepared to make the most of their future. These include:

As Real World is an online learning programme, it can be accessed anywhere you have access the internet and on a wide choice of devices. It is designed for schools and colleges to use within PHSE lessons, and for individuals and small charities or voluntary groups to use directly with the young people they are supporting.

Each young person is given their own account which uses their email address as a login. They will choose their own password and they can go through the programme at their own pace – going back over the content as many times as they need to.

Real World is a great way to help young people make the biggest decision of their lives – what to do next.

What does it look like?

Real World is split into 7 subject areas, within each subject there are 3 parts. A short filmed tutorial, a short video of employers talking about their experiences of dealing with CV’s and young people and a filmed guide that shows just how to do what the subject is talking about.

When using the programme you can back and forth as many times as you like, you can log in and out whenever it suits you and if you start and then need to stop you can start from where you left off or start from the beginning.

It is an ideal resource for careers adviser and teachers to use within PHSE, they can use it a learning tool and give each child in the year the opportunity of watching the programme and getting a great start right when they need it. Each pupil will have an access code and using the school computers they can go through the programme during school time or simply do it at home on their PC or tablet. At their own pace.

The programme is designed to talk about some key skills they will need in the big wide world and will then talk about what are their options when school finishes. It will talk about the pro’s and cons of each option and show them how to search for apprenticeship, college courses and sixth forms.

Having a how to guide it shows them how to do what the programme is talking about for example, “ How to set up an email address”, “ How to create a CV” , “ How to search for apprenticeships” by using young people in the programme it makes it feel real to them and hopefully they will be able to relate to it.

Real World can also be used individually for example a parent or guardian may want to use it with their child or a small charity or local organisation may wish to have access to it. Real World can be used for any number of young people and on any scale.

About Real World

Real World is product powered by Laser Systems: It was written by Sarah Harden who is the apprenticeship recruitment manager for The Childcare Company who has over 10 years’ experience within the sector. This is how Real World was created and why.

Working with young people every day I felt that the young people I worked with didn’t have the right skills or information about what they could do after year 11,or how to conduct themselves with employers and professionals.

I felt when they get to the point of leaving school they are overwhelmed with making the right choice and so many of them just don’t know what to do. Having a son who had gone through this process I was shocked at how little he knew and what little life skills he had. I wanted to create a tool that schools, colleges organisations and parents could use with young people to help them with the next big step in their lives.

So many young people get left behind because they don’t have the support of family friends or school or they are not academic, they don’t understand what employers are looking for and they don’t know how to conduct themselves in these environments. By giving them this valuable information early on will stand them in good stead when school life ends and they have to decide to stay on at sixth form, do an apprenticeship or go to college.

Real World is also a great tool for those young people who have left school a while ago and are stuck in a rut. This programme will give them tips and tools that will help them feel confident about who they are and will show them how to get ready for the next interview or job application and will also show them how to find out about apprenticeships and courses on offer.

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About Laser Systems

Laser Systems are a leading provider of e-learning software in a variety of sectors, with clients across the globe. Our award-winning training platforms have been providing both full qualifications and CPD certifications to thousands of learners since 2008. We have brought all of this experience and expertise to provide the best course possible.

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Every care has been taken to ensure that the Real World course is compatible with as many platforms and browsers as possible, so you have freedom to choose the device you use to complete your course.

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