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About Us

Real World is product powered by Laser Systems: It was written by Sarah Harden who was the apprenticeship recruitment manager for The Childcare Company who has over 10 years' experience within the sector. This is how Real World was created and why.

Working with young people every day I felt that the young people I worked with didn’t have the right skills or information about what they could do after year 11,or how to conduct themselves with employers and professionals.

I felt when they get to the point of leaving school they are overwhelmed with making the right choice and so many of them just don’t know what to do. Having a son who had gone through this process I was shocked at how little he knew and what little life skills he had. I wanted to create a tool that schools, colleges organisations and parents could use with young people to help them with the next big step in their lives.

So many young people get left behind because they don’t have the support of family friends or school or they are not academic, they don’t understand what employers are looking for and they don’t know how to conduct themselves in these environments. By giving them this valuable information early on will stand them in good stead when school life ends and they have to decide to stay on at sixth form, do an apprenticeship or go to college.

Real World is also a great tool for those young people who have left school a while ago and are stuck in a rut. This programme will give them tips and tools that will help them feel confident about who they are and will show them how to get ready for the next interview or job application and will also show them how to find out about apprenticeships and courses on offer.