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Are you working with young people who are NEETS or who are just about to leave school and are faced with the decision “What am I going to do with my life” Do you need something that they can access online with either you or on their own at home to help them make these decisions?

Real World is an online programme that is internet based and is aimed at young people who are leaving school or have left and are still wondering what to do. It has 7 subjects that are relevant to them that will help them look at things like:

What are the pro’s and cons of sixth form, college or apprenticeships? Where can I find out about them? How do I apply?

Why do I need a CV and how do I create a good one? What do I need for an interview, how do I prepare? Why do I need a professional answer phone message on my mobile? How do I talk to a professional?

The 7 subjects are split up into 3 sections

A filed Tutorial that runs for 5 minutes, it is short and to the point and can be stopped and started as many times as you like. It is ideal for those with special needs or learning difficulties as it short and to the point.

The second tutorial is a group of employers discussing the subject, the aim here is that the young person can actually hear an employer’s prospective and understand that what their parents, teachers, advisors are all telling them is true and real.

The final part is a how to guide, this allows them to see how to actually do what the subjects is talking about. For example, how to create a CV, they will watch a young person showing them how to actually do it and what to put in it so if they don’t want to ask anyone for help they get the answer for themselves.

As a charity you may wish to use Real World for individuals who need it or you may wish to use it as a teaching session in groups. You have the option to lease it for 12 months and then allow as many young people to access it throughout the year, or you can simply buy it for individuals as and when they request it.

If you wish to lease it for a year it will cost £200 plus vat, you can give this out to as many people you deal with within this year, this could be 5 to 500 people accessing Real World, once the 12 months are up we will write to you to ask if you would like to have another 12 months lease or if you no longer wish to use it.

The other option is to buy it as and when you work with a young person who you feel would benefit from accessing it. The cost of this would be £30 per person.

Our aim is that as many young people or young adults have the opportunity to get ready for the outside world and get the skills they need to this.