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Leaving school is a daunting for any young person, after having years of being told what to do and where to go they are suddenly told they have to make a decision what to do when they leave school. As parents we want to help and support our children make these decisions and want to ensure they have the appropriate life skills. Being able to talk to a professional person who isn’t a familiar teacher can be a daunting task especially if they have never had the chance to do so. Understanding recruitment processes for apprenticeships, colleges and sixth forms are something they are not told until it is time to do so.

Real World allows parents to sit with their children at home and go through the programme together, they can chat about each lesson together discussing what has been said and asking them questions on their understanding. They can stop and start the programme at any time and go back and forth to each lesson. You may want to simply allow your child to go through the programme at their own pace and in their own time. It can be used on any device such as phone, laptop, PC, Ipad and is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In fact where ever you can access the internet you can access Real World.

Most young people just don’t know what they are going to do when they leave school and although they may have spoken with their career’s adviser at school still are unsure of what route to go. Real World gives them the pro’s and cons of staying on at sixth form, going to college or getting an apprenticeship. It explains how to look for these options, how to apply and what you may need to prepare for an interview.

Once they have made this decision of what to do they will also be up against lots of other young people maybe applying for the same thing. They have to be ready and be prepared and have understand what is expected of them at the interview and when they start.

Real World shows them an easy how to guide for each subject, showing them how to actually, create an email address, create a CV and how to get ready. We all know young people don’t like to ask us parents how to do something so we have created a how to guide so they don’t have to ask but can still get ready.

If you want your child to have the right life skills and get ready for life after school then simply sign up for Real world and get started today.